Accountants for Contractors


We provide a very comprehensive service for a fixed fee agreed in advance. For consultants operating within United Kingdom, the service generally includes the following:

On a monthly basis, we will run your company’s PAYE scheme producing your payroll and monthly payslip. On a quarterly basis, we will handle any dividend requirements you may have and process the necessary adjustments which may be necessary. On a quarterly basis, we also prepare your VAT returns and advise you the amount of VAT due.

At the year-end, all the above information will be consolidated to produce a full set of Company Accounts, tax computations and other statutory information. We will also complete your company’s annual return and do all necessary company secretarial work.

The Annual accounts will be completed in four month from the financial year end.

We will also complete your company’s corporation tax return, submit tax computations to HM Inspector of Taxes and obtain his agreement on the accounts and tax computations.

Any ongoing financial planning or tax/accounting advice will be provided throughout the year on a free basis.

To summarise, the work of Tax Link will include:

  • Year End Accounts & Audit
  • Company secretarial assistance - regarding filling of various forms and returns to the Registrar of Companies.
  • PAYE & Salary administration including monthly payslips and annual PAYE returns. P35, P14 and P11D for the Company.
  • Book keeping and preparation of the quarterly VAT returns.
  • Personal Self assessment tax return,
  • Year End Corporation tax returns and submission of accounts and Corporation Tax computations to the Inland Revenue and obtaining agreement of the Inspector of Taxes on the computations submitted.

We will always be available at the end of the ‘phone to answer any questions whatsoever on Tax, VAT, accounting or any matters of general financial nature.