Expenses for Doctors


At Tax Link, we can offer advice on all expenses and tax deductions allowed by HMRC for medical experts.

Tax deductions will depend on your employment status. Whether you are self-employed, employed by the NHS, have your our limited company or are in a partnership; we will be able to take care of your tax needs.

We can offer advice on all tax deductible expenses including:

  • Medical equipment.
  • Telephone expenses while on call or used for business purposes.
  • Further education, training and other courses.
  • Travelling expenditure between medical practices and hospitals.
  • Professional subscriptions.

We also offer assistance if you have not claimed valid expenses in the past.

If the above expenditure results in a tax repayment, we will complete and submit your tax return with HMRC and ensure that you get your tax repayment whilst keeping your administration work to a minimum.