We understand that getting the correct insurance for your company and activities can be a daunting prospect, especially with so many providers and different types of insurance products on offer.

We can provide you with the support you deserve by advising and writing you the correct policy to purchase. We now offer the following types of insurance in partnership with the leading provider of contractor insurance products, Qdos Contractor.

Professional idemnity insurance

Qdos Professional Indemnity Insurance will cover you in the event of an alleged breach of professional duty, and is often stipulated in contracts. Professional Indemnity Insurance will react in circumstances where an error or omission in your services causes, or is alleged to have caused, a third party a financial loss. The policy covers both defence costs and any liability found owing in the event of a claim up to the limit of indemnity.

As with solicitors and accountants, contractors provide professional advice and services which are relied on by their clients. Even where care and skill is exercised, there is still the potential for you to make a mistake that causes financial loss to a client or for a client to allege that you have made a mistake even if you have not. Whilst such disputes are rare, when they occur they can be costly.

Public and employers liability insurance

Qdos Public and Employers Liability Insurance covers the legal liability of a business in the event they are liable for injury or illness to their employees or third parties, as well as property damage that may be caused in the provision of business activities.

Public Liability Insurance will react in circumstances where a third party (an individual person, or a corporate entity) brings legal action against you in respect of physical injury, or damage to property, caused by you in the course of your business. The policy is designed to defend your case and, if necessary, pay the damages owed.

Employers Liability Insurance will react in circumstances where an employee seeks to bring a claim against you for personal injury or accidental death sustained as a result of their employment with you. This policy will defend such a claim and pay the damages for which you are liable.

Employers Liability Insurance is compulsory for any business that has one or more employees, whether they are permanent, part time, or temporary. Employers Liability is not a legal requirement if you are a ‘Ltd’ Company, you are the only employee and you own at least 50% of the issued share capital of the company.

Tax enquiry insurance

Tax Enquiry Insurance provides you with expert defence (up to £50k) in the event of any HMRC enquiry, including IR35. One of Qdos consultants will handle all correspondence with HMRC from start to finish, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you have an expert fighting your corner. This policy also includes an IR35 contract assessment as standard.

These Insurance policies can be purchased from here.

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