Based on our experience, Tax-Link Chartered Accountants & Tax Advisors found that some high street banks may not always cater for small businesses or contractors when it comes to mortgages.

This is usually down to the fact that lenders prefer to lend to those perceived as low risk, such as permanent employees. It is likely that lenders will ignore a large part of a contractor’s income and may also have concerns around longevity of this income. This means they are regarded as a higher risk to lenders.

That is why we have partnered with Gemstones Mortgages Ltd, a specialist mortgage brokerage offering bespoke mortgages. They have noticed the difficulties contractors can come across and strive to educate lenders so that contractors are no longer treated unfairly. Gemstones Mortgages’s perseverance has ensured that lenders understand the real risk and have influenced many to become ‘contractor-friendly’.

Gemstones Mortgages now have a whole variety of lenders who use bespoke underwriting, especially for contractors. This means contractors can still benefit from the most competitive rates, the same rates in most instances as a permanent worker.

The dedicated and experienced team at Gemstones Mortgages offer professional advice with specialised knowledge from the whole of the market.

Contact Gemstones Mortgages:

Peter Bennett
E: | T: 07717790695

Mohammed Al-samaraie
E: | T: 07766133426

Tax Link are not authorised to offer regulated mortgage advice. Tax Link are introducers to Gemstones Mortgages Ltd.

Please note that Tax link CTA Ltd Holds 15% of shares in GEMSTONES MORTGAGES LTD.

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