Rakesh Wadhwa


Rakesh Wadhwa is an experienced Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Tax Advisor who for many years has been helping individuals and owner managed businesses to firstly make more money and secondly retain more of it.

Rakesh is well respected and thought of by both his clients and peers in the business community for the can-do approach to his professional work. Unlike most accountants, he sees the result he wants to achieve first and then pushes back the barriers to make it happen. This unique approach gives his clients a clear financial advantage from the outset of the engagement through to their retirement and beyond.

His experience covers a wide variety of sectors from advising high net worth individuals, construction and building, healthcare, IT sector, sports and entertainment industries.

In 1993 Rakesh formed Tax Link and since that time the small business has grown into an acclaimed practice of over 2,000 clients and 40 staff. Before forming Tax Link, Rakesh worked for a quoted-multinational and established various successful start-ups.